Saturday, August 21, 2010

[21/8/2010] Opening a new Chapter of Harapan

Hi Friends of Tasik Harapan! The Opening Ceremony of Friends of Tasik Harapan has been more than encouraging! with a total of 400+ strong crowd, thanks again to those who woke up in the morning hours! Let the pictures tell the story!

"Friends of  Tasik Harapan" is an initiative by the USM advancement office under Fundraising. This objectives are to raise private support for USM. CIMB Foundation is funding this project and thus this project is called "The USM-CIMB Lake Clean-Up Initiative" It is done with partnership from Bioremediation Solutions Sdn Bhd and Supported by Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Once again, thanks Friends of Tasik Harapan! See you again in the next 6 months of continuation of this project! Stay tune for the future events! Join our facebook page!

Friday, August 20, 2010

[21/8/2010] SEE YOU THERE!

Hi Friends of Tasik Harapan! Yes see you there at TasikHarapan!

7.30am Tomorrow, Saturday 21/8/2010!

1. Remember to wear WHITE Tops, Casual will do.
2. Remember to bring umbrella in cases it is likely to rain.
3. Remember to register your particulars at IF YOU HAVE NOT.
4. Remember to bring more friends!
5. And remember to learn more about Mudball tomorrow!

In fact it is not everything about Mudball =)
Have a nice day!